20-14 Special Business & Finance Olympics
Annual event where all business owners can take part and enter into the games which are all a bit of fun yet have a serious side as everyone wants to win in one category or another!
Games | 20-14 Special Olympics
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Well, rather than the actual Olympic games which take place every 4 years, the Special Business and Finance Olympics are an annual event that take place every August.
What could be better?

Long summer evenings and lovely warm weather (hopefully) to be able to enjoy the outdoor activities even more. There will definitely be something for everyone. If you would like to take part in next year’s 20-14 Special Business and Finance Olympics, please get in touch via the contact us page and secure your booking with us online or by calling us today.


As we have gone over in the previous pages, this will be a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to come and showcase your skills and play games and do activities alongside likeminded business men and women. You will be able to team build among your own colleagues, a great way to boost morale and gain trust and build relationships within your own company, as well as meeting new people and getting to learn new methods from other people and maybe teach them a thing or two as well!

Great opportunity

This will be a great opportunity to network and maybe even strike up a business deal or two whilst having fun playing games alongside other ‘players’ .

Will you and your company be the one to stick out to our judges and for all the right reasons? We hope so.

Will you and your company be the one to stick out to our judges and for all the right reasons? We hope so.

Who knows who you will meet and who you will be competing against for the 14 awards up for grabs whilst trying to impress the 20 judges we have on our panel who are extremely experienced business men and women in their own right and from a broad spectrum of industries and businesses. Again, who knows, really impressing one of these judges may really benefit you and your company in the long run. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Secure your place!

So come along and make sure you secure your place now for next year as places do fill up very fast, especially within the hotel, some end up staying in hotels nearby, but we think it is always nice at the end of the day to get together and relax with some food and drink and get to know each other whilst not competing and let you hair down. The quicker you secure your company’s place, the better it is as then you will be guaranteed a discount and a room within the hotel the event will be taking place in. We tend to find all the people taking part prefer to stay where the event is happening.


Come along and show off all your Special Business and Finance skills and hopefully go home with a prestigious award or two for you and your company and colleagues which will give it a boost from all round. There are activities for all to take part in, we like to think we have thought of an award for all departments of business.