20-14 Special Business & Finance Olympics
Annual event where all business owners can take part and enter into the games which are all a bit of fun yet have a serious side as everyone wants to win in one category or another!
The Venue | 20-14 Special Olympics
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The Venue

We are very excited that this year due to the very generous sponsorship from The Mortgage Arrangers, we are able to hold the event of 20-14 Special Business and Finance Olympics in Mercer Country Park.

Fantastic stately home

A lot of you may have heard of this fantastic stately home which is set in the countryside near to Redhill, Surrey with stunning interiors, stunning grounds and being renowned for the Michelin star food. The rooms which are available to stay in are each individually decorated in accordance with the stately home feel yet having a modern twist to them, each having it’s own theme. Lavishly decorated throughout, the home is simply stunning. A few Instagram worthy pictures coming up we feel…

You have the best of both worlds, whilst being set in the beautiful English countryside, Redhill is about 10 miles away. An easy location to get to via motorway and easy to find yet is tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Another excellent point is not only is it near Redhill, that makes it very close to London and only around half an hour away and easy access via train if need be. A full English breakfast is also available as is a Continental should you not wish to have a large breakfast.

The Mortgage Arrangers have not sponsored this event before, it is their first time and the Managing Director will be one of the judges on the panel for the awards. We are looking forward to using this location, as it will be the first time we will be using this venue for these Special Business and Finance Olympics as well. We hope you are all as excited as we are about this new venue for us. Cannot wait for you to join us.

Available activities

There is a water activity centre nearby where you will be doing some team activities and where the judges will be seeing how you work together or on your own if not needed. These exercises will be real team building ones and also a chance for the judges to see how you work alongside others you have not met before and see how you interact with people in general. The activities include kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding. There will also be the opportunity to take place in a spot of archery and whoever hits the bullseye will also receive a small prize! Hopefully as the events are always held in Summer, we hope the weather will be good for you to do all these activities as well as have a chance to relax and let your hair down afterwards with a Barbecue in the evening overlooking the lake where you will have just finished all of your activities and then get to know others again but whilst not in a competing mode. A few sausages and burgers with a beer will go down very well after all those activities, we are sure and they will make you hungry after all that physical as well as mental activity.