20-14 Special Business & Finance Olympics
Annual event where all business owners can take part and enter into the games which are all a bit of fun yet have a serious side as everyone wants to win in one category or another!
The Awards | 20-14 Special Olympics
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The Awards

Here we will look at the awards in more detail and what they entail.

Fastest Finger First

This award is given to those who the judges feel are the best and quickest at responding to their customers, whether it be by telephone, email or any other way the customer has contacted the business.

The Marketing Mogul

This is for the Marketing expert that the judges consider has done something different and unique to draw in customers and business. They will be looking out for something unusual but not too far out that it puts people off rather than enticing them.

Best Human Resources

This award will go to whom the judges feel are the most efficient in dealing with any Human Resource issue that may arise within your company. They will be testing!

Sales Hot Shot

Well this is for the Sales man or woman who the judges feel is not only hitting their targets but far exceeding them.

Biggest Risk Taker

Are you the one that takes the biggest risks when it comes to business? Have you done a deal where there was a lot of money at stake but you took the plunge anyway? Judges will be looking into each of the stories of those going for this award in detail.

Business All Rounder

Awarded to the person who takes a role in all parts of the business and takes a keen interest in all the staff and keeps an eye on what is going on in all departments.

Best Team Player

Are you the one who will be the first to help anyone out? Are you the one who will try and chip in even if it is not your job? Judges will be looking out for you!

Best Mortgage Advice Company

Literally the award name says it all really. The judges will be looking for those mortgage brokers who they feel are the best all rounders, especially when it comes to giving their customers expert advice.

Best Accounting Company

Again, as the title of the award suggests, the judges will be looking for what they class to be the most efficient accounting company out of those who have applied for the games.

Astounding Customer Service

This applies to all those who are front of house and dealing face to face or via telephone with customers and providing the best customer service best to their knowledge, again being over the top here, will also not gain you any points. Be yourself and be natural. They want to see how you would really handle an awkward customer face to face.

Administration Perfectionist

This award will go to the person or people who show that they are hot on getting their correspondence correct and making sure everything that is sent out to customers is professional. No short cut texts, the judges will be checking grammar!

Decision Maker

Going on from Biggest Risk Taker really – are you the one that makes the final decisions in the business? Are they always the right decisions?

Research Wizard

Have you been doing the research and found out something totally unexpected? The judges want to hear your story!

5 Star Business

This is the overall award the judges will give to the business that they think is doing a lot of things right in all departments and is the best business after all the games!