20-14 Special Business & Finance Olympics
Annual event where all business owners can take part and enter into the games which are all a bit of fun yet have a serious side as everyone wants to win in one category or another!
20-14 Special Olympics | New Sponsor for 2019 has been confirmed – Mortgage Arrangers | 20-14 Special Olympics
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New Sponsor for 2019 has been confirmed – Mortgage Arrangers

New Sponsor for 2019 has been confirmed – Mortgage Arrangers

Special Business and Finance Olympics are very proud to announce that our sponsor for 2019 will be the company Mortgage Arrangers.

Due to their generosity in sponsoring this wonderful event, we are able to hold the event in Mercer Country Park (please see Event details page for further information on the venue).

A fantastic venue which we are sure you will all agree on and want to guarantee your places as soon as possible by getting in touch with us and sending us your deposit (details on Contact Us page). We think due to the event taking place at this venue next year, the places will fill up even faster than in previous years.

Mortgage Arrangers are an online business that provide a mortgage calculator tool for all those that may wish to use one and find out fast what mortgage they could get, with who and for how much… It literally takes a few minutes, you need to add in how much deposit you have, what the property is worth etc and the calculator will give you the top deals available and then you can go through at your own leisure. Should you need to talk to an advisor you can request and call back and they will be happy to go over anything you are not too sure of or alternatively via the live chat feature on their website. Those who already have a mortgage can also check of there are better deals available for them where cheaper options and meaning less monthly payments may be available to them or to those who may want to borrow more money and see what deals available for that option as well… you may want to do some home improvements and need to increase the amount of mortgage you currently have. All this can be found out online within minutes and without having to make appointments with mortgage brokers, without having to take the time to go into their offices, without having to take any time off work or take valuable time into your evenings, this can all be done whilst sitting on your laptop while watching your favourite television series.

So Mortgage Arrangers are our sponsors and have already made the commitment to be so and said we can hold the event at Mercer Country Park. We are sure you will enjoy all the activities and games we will have planned for then, you will also be able to speak to their advisers at the event, should you need to and the Director is one of the judges on the experienced panel. We believe the event at Mercer Country Park will be our biggest and best Olympics to date and all thanks to our sponsors of 2019, Mortgage Arrangers. We look forward to seeing you all at the event and be sure to book your space for yourself and your colleagues fast as spaces already filling up Contact us today!