20-14 Special Business & Finance Olympics
Annual event where all business owners can take part and enter into the games which are all a bit of fun yet have a serious side as everyone wants to win in one category or another!
20-14 Special Olympics | Round up of Winners Feburary 2019 | 20-14 Special Olympics
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Round up of Winners Feburary 2019

Round up of Winners Feburary 2019

This year’s event was as popular as ever with over subscription (be quick to book up for next year to avoid disappointment) and we thought it would be nice to go over the accomplishments of some of the winners this year and which category they won.

Fast Finger First

This was won by the team at GoGetEm, a company that deals with selling gym equipment.  Their response in getting back to customers we found second to none, whether it be by calling customers back once they have an enquiry or via emails which were responded to immediately, even if it was just to acknowledge the customer and let them know that they are dealing with their enquiry, and not an automated email.  All personal touches that seem to be missing these days from businesses.

Marketing Mogul

Henry Laithwaite won the award for Marketing Mogul for his excellent marketing campaign for the company called Events For You which is an events company that organise events for all sorts of occasions, corporate and private.  He raised awareness of the company as it is fairly new to the industry and a new business and managed to arrange quite a large PR campaign to get the brand name out there in the local area especially.

Best Mortgage Advice Company

Best Mortgage Advice Company the judges felt deserved to be won by Mortgages To Go who provide an excellent all round service for customers, from the initial online enquiry to meeting up with the customer on their premises to go through all the information required from the customer and also to go through all the options available to the customer and the offering the best deal for them.  The judges found that they really went out of their way to look for what suited the individual customer and what they could afford and getting the best deal around for them.  They seemed to have a huge database of lenders to choose from.

5 Star Business

So the overall winner of the best 5 star business that the judges thought had the X Factor all round in terms of running a seamless business out of all the entrants and after watching all the companies and teams perform the tasks and activities,  based on what they saw in the Special Business and Finance Olympics and also doing some background research themselves (as they do on all companies that have entered) was a company called ‘Do the Math’ who are a financial advice providing service.   The judges felt they had the edge over all the companies especially whilst working together as a team in the activities and morale boosting as well as having the excellent Customer Service skills and knowledge in their field of work.  The front of house team and receptionists were extremely professional when it came to answering phone calls and when doing a role play as an activity with a pretend awkward customer.  The Director is very good at rewarding his staff and basically all round great service from this company.